In this section all the information related to releases and off-site transfers of wastes reported by the owner/operator of the industrial facilities to PRTR-España is available.
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Facilities that have to report are those which carry out any of the industrial activities described in Annex 1 to the RD. 508/2007.

The owners/operators of these facilities must report annually all their pollutant emissions (according to the Annex 2 of the RD. 508/2007) and off-site transfers of wastes to its Competent Authorities (Autonomous Communities).

The provided information is structured by facility, pollutant and industrial activity and also by type of waste (according the European Waste List). In addition, it is possible to search geographically the facilities through the interactive map. Time series about the evolution of the number of falicities, emission data and off-site transfers of wastes are also available with several options for consulting.

In this section information about other point sources and diffuse sources can be found.

PRTR-España, according to the Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Register, facilitates to the public the available information on releases and transfers of pollutants to air and water from:   

  • other point sources not covered by the PRTR-España Register, either because its production capacity are below the thresholds set out in Annex I to the Real Decreto 508/2007 or because they carry out other different industrial activities than those included in this Annex, but where it is feasible to collect data on individual basis.
  • diffuse sources, refer to the many smaller or scattered sources from which pollutants may be released to land, air or water, whose combined impact on those media may be significant and for which it is impractical to collect reports from each individual source. In this category are included sources such as road, air and maritime traffic, domestic heating, agriculture, etc..
This information will be available through PRTR-España, whenever possible, with a suitable degree of detail and as data tables, graphics, maps, etc. The data of Releases and transfers will be able searched and identified by the type of the corresponding diffuse sources. Furthermore, information related to the method used to obtain the data will be included.

Releases to the air

This section offers information on air pollution from other sources, such as road, air and maritime traffic, domestic heating, agriculture and small facilities.

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Releases to water

At this stage, this section only covers a limited set of nutrient loss maps from agriculture to water bodies, provided by E-PRTR.

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