The 65 industrial activity categories which are included in PRTR-España are the categories described in Annex 1 to the RD 508/2007:
  • Annex 1, Chapter I: industrial activities under IPPC Spanish regulations, and
  • Annex 1, Chapter II: industrial activities not IPPC but included in international/european PRTR regulation. 
The Industrial sectors which to report to Spanish PRTR register are the following:
  • energy 
  • production and processing of metals 
  • mineral industry 
  • chemical industry 
  • waste and waste water management 
  • paper and wood production and processing 
  • intensive livestock production and aquaculture 
  • animal and vegetable products from the food and beverage sector, and 
  • other activities (pretreatment of textiles, production of carbon or electro-graphite, etc.).
Those industrial facilities belonging this sectors which exceed the capacity thresholds established in the Annex 1 to the RD 508/2007Not every facility are included, have to report annually their emission data to air, water and land and the off-site transfer of wastes.

Additional information of the main Spanish industrial sectors which have to report about its pollutant emissions and off-site transfers to PRTR-España is offered below. (Only in Spanish)
In each case, socioeconomic data on labor market, production, exports and imports is included on the basis of the available information from the official institutions, such us ministries or INE (National Institute of Statistics) and also from the main industrial organizations.

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